1hrSEO.com.au was created & is taught by Bruce Chant.

Bruce Chant SEOBruce first started in Search Engine Optimisation and the world of online marketing (as it was known then) in 2006. He had a problem. His wife had written a Meal Planning ebook but the site had no traffic.

Enter SEO. Slowly the process began. He learned how SEO could be used to get traffic & buyers for his wife’s Meal Planning ebook.

There was plenty of trial and error, but eventually, there was some degree of success. That success and other small victories along the way lead to a business, which then lead to a career, and then other businesses in the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Bruce understands what it takes to get websites ranking and delivering real business leads. This comes from¬†working with some of Australia’s largest and well-recognised brands, to hundreds of small and medium businesses.¬†

It was when he was dealing with many, many marketing professionals & business managers and owners that Bruce saw a need to provide education around what SEO and how it works.

Experience taught Bruce that everything works better (for everyone!) when those involved in marketing grasp some basic search and SEO concepts. This was the basis for conceiving and creating a simple but practical 1 hour SEO course.