Learn SEO Online

Grow your Business & Expand Your Career Prospects

SEO does not need to be difficult or confusing.

Yet of all marketing channels, Search Engine Optimisation has the reputation as being long, vague, too hard and not worth the effort. That is not true.

With 1hr SEO you will learn the basics of SEO providing you with the practical, applicable skills to take your website up the rankings and your career along with it!

1hr SEO is for those who:
  • Are sick of the over-complicated, confusing SEO talk
  • Want to see how it all fits together, rather than trying to learn a 1000 different hacks and tactics
  • Want to keep their digital SEO agency or team accountable
  • Have Australian based businesses and want to understand how SEO works here
  • Want to get their hands dirty and ACTUALLY start ranking

1hr SEO is not an in-depth course, with hours of content and deep dives into every and all latest tactic and strategy. The name probably gives that away!

But I am thinking you are a busy enough person and don’t have time for 100’s of videos and 100’s of hours of listening to me.

1hr SEO is deliberately designed to be FAST and to the point. It is my desire is to educate marketing professionals, business owners, and managers to the point that you can:

  • Confidently manage your SEO agency or team
  • Learn skills that will get you prepared for new career and business opportunities
  • Get your hands dirty TODAY and start SEO-ing your website for future ranking success

It is easier than you think. With the right information and guidance, I know you can get on the path to SEO success.

Who is Behind 1hr SEO?

1hr SEO was created and is taught by Bruce Chant.

Who is Bruce? Good question. He started in “online marketing” (as it was then called) in 2006, by mistake.

Why ‘by mistake’? Because he didn’t realise it was going to become a business and a career. He was just trying to get traffic to the site he helped his wife set up, to sell a meal planning ebook.

Free traffic? He read. Sounds great!

After some trial and error, it proved to be true. Have your site appear for things people are searching for using Google. That’s SEO. And it is still incredibly useful.

Bruce has worked on the SEO of some of Australia’s most loved brands, as well as hundreds of small to medium businesses. He was Account Director for four years at one of Australia’s most well regarded and awarded agencies and now leads his own SEO & lead generation business.

What is 1hr SEO?

You can learn SEO in 1 hour.

The course includes 25 bite-sized videos that build upon each other and teach you the foundational framework on SEO. We show you how to do it, not just what and why.

Watch the video. Use the free resources we provide. Go and try it.

It’s that simple.

On top of that, you will also get access to a Strategy Call with Bruce Chant absolutely free. It is one thing to learn how it all works, but to ensure your success we want to make sure you are on the right track after the course is over.

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